ICON Forge is a development-focused ICON P-Rep team

ICON Forge aims to bring crypto-collectibles to the ICON blockchain by developing a digital collectible game. It will be a game of space exploration and colonization, where individual unique planets serve as the main collectible items. 

While doing that, ICON Forge will develop any infrastructure that is missing to provide a smooth user experience for interacting with digital collectible applications. This may include, for example, a digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens, or a browser extension for interacting with the blockchain.

ICON Forge will lay the foundation for all future crypto collectibles and blockchain games on the ICON network.


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Non-fungible tokens are unique, digital items stored on the blockchain, such as collectibles, game items, and digital art.

ICON Forge aims to improve the infrastructure related to non-fungible tokens by creating a standard interface that all future NFT contracts should implement, similar to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT standards on Ethereum. A standard interface would allow wallet and marketplace applications to work with any NFT on the ICON network. 


Kaarel is a full-stack developer who has been following the ICON project since its ICO. His latest experience was building a crypto trading app Change Invest. Before that Kaarel worked as a data analyst at Starship Technologies, a company building self-driving delivery robots. Kaarel holds a BSc in Business Information Technology from TalTech University. 


Holger has a degree in Business Administration from the Estonian Business School and years of experience in leadership, finance and marketing. He is skilled in strategic planning and has most recently been involved with various product development projects and market expansion. 


Kaarel Sööt

Holger Sundja